3-Pack Kente Noir Designer Mask (Full Collection)

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Kente, known as nwentoma in Akan, is an indigenous Ghanaian textile, made of interwoven cloth strips of silk and cotton. Our take on the inspiring print is built upon unity, and our beloved rainbow of beauty.

Kente Noir Prints are created by our diverse design team and are created within a vertically integrated minority supply chain. Filled with men and women the shades of Noirpolitan, our designers chose a print that represented the history, progress, and future of their experiences .

From Ghanian Royalty, to graduates from Atlanta, the Kente Cloth represents heritage, unity, and excellence. We mean only that to create a print inspired by the greatness of those before us.


Mixed Noir Face Mask – Why Should You Wear A Mask

Today the mask is important so the children can return to class. The most ideal approach to guard the children at school is to ensure the degree of COVID-19 in your locale is low. Wear a mask to ensure your locale can keep your children sound at school.

The speediest method to open our economy is to control the virus. As a greater amount of our provinces move to Phase 2 and 3, and more individuals are all over town, we have to ensure we shield the virus from spreading. Wear a fabric face covering to secure our businesses. Set an incredible model for others in your locale. Deal with others and give them how it's finished. If you want to stand out in these sad times, then maybe you could try our mixed noir face mask at Noirpolitan.

You wouldn't cough on somebody or sneeze in their face. Presently we have another germ that can be spread to others when we talk or sing or relax. Spread your face to remain quiet about your germs! Our basic specialists have faced the challenge to keep on going to work to keep us took care of and to keep the administrations we as a whole depend on running. Say thanks to them by ensuring their wellbeing by covering your face.

Make others grin behind their masks! A few masks have mottos and different messages imprinted on them. Utilize your mask like our exclusive mixed noir face mask at Noirpolitan to express your right to speak freely and advance what you care about. Or on the other hand, write your name on it shield individuals from pondering what your identity is.

Numerous non-benefits are offering masks to fund-raise for a foundation, and some will even match your mask buy by giving masks to individuals who need them. Bolster your neighborhood school, human rights, ecological insurance, access to medicinal services, or any number of causes you support on your mask.