Noirpolitan Signature Blend (Mini Logo)



A Buyer's Community

A face covering is a new everyday essential in the post-pandemic city.  It protects you and everyone around you, which is important to the citizens of NOIRPOLITAN. We believe in the principles of Safety, Unity, and Civility.  Wearing a face mask in public is part of our responsibilities...and we always do it in color! 

The SHADES Collection celebrates the various shades native to NOIRPOLITAN. Shade FOUR reflects the perfectly melinated tones of rich browns and chocolates.


  • Includes a Zippered, Reusable Carrying Bag
  • Quick Fold Design for Easy On and Off
  • Created from Breathable, Organic Cotton
  • Double Layered for Added Sneeze Protection
  • Large Center NOIRPOLITAN Logo
  • Elastic Ear Loops Coated in SuperSoft Cushion